Most Interesting Earth Science Theories Today

We live in an age of amazing discoveries of Earth-shattering proportions, even if every day seems to bring something new. Scientists are constantly uncovering new facts about the planet, the solar system, and the universe. In fact, it’s a wonder that any of us have a grasp of how our planet came to be, what’s beyond it, and how life […]

Why Do Volcanoes Erupt?

Volcanoes, those conical mountains rising from the earth, have fascinated humans for thousands of years. At first, volcanoes were considered deities or sacred places to be feared, but people became more curious and recognized volcanoes as a normal part of the earth over time. Volcanoes erupt when they build up too much pressure inside them, causing the magma (molten rock) […]

Can We Stop the Earth’s Warming?

Many people do not seem to understand that science, and science alone, is the only thing that can slow down the Earth’s warming. We know that a majority of the scientists in the world seem to agree that the Earth is warming., However, there are some scientists out there who are telling people that it is not happening, and are […]

10 Amazing Facts About Gold

Gold is one of the most commonly used metals in the world today. It has been used for culture, art, jewellery, and countless other applications for thousands of years. It has no relation to our planet or its moon. It is not radioactive or poisonous, or even toxic. Gold was discovered before the discovery of sodium, potassium, sodium chloride, and […]

Science Facts About Cats

Cats have been around longer than humans, and they have a long history of having been treasured as pets and worshiped by humans as gods. Yet despite their long history, we still know very little about them-how they live, what they eat, how they communicate with each other, and even how they sleep. Cats are popular pets all over the […]

How To Take Care of Trees Scientifically?

Trees are fascinating creatures, not just for their beauty but for their ability to grow from seed to majestic tree in a very short period of time. It’s not hard to see why trees are such fascinating objects of study, especially when you consider that they can provide us with a sustainable and healthy ecosystem, which will, in turn, provide […]

Why Flies Are So Annoyingly Persistent

When it comes to annoying creatures, you can’t beat flies. These little creepers are all over the place, buzzing around your head in the shower, in your lunchbox, and in your bedroom. They are the only things that will disturb your sleep all the time. They are also the only animals that will ruin perfectly good food for nothing, just […]

How Dogs Adapted to Be Our Best Friends

Dogs have been domesticated and held as man’s best friends for thousands of years, but how did our canine friends get to be the dogs we know today? These furry little mammals that have been with us since the dawn of time have made a lot of changes over the years. The first notable trait of dogs is that they […]

The Strange History of Cannabinoids

Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world today, but how did it get to that point? Let’s look back at the history of cannabis and trace its evolution from its botanical origins in the Andes to the present day. The history of cannabis (also known as weed, pot, ganja, Mary Jane, cannabis, herb, and so on) […]