Semiconductors: How They Changed the World 

Semiconductors have been around for a long time, but it was only in the early 20th century when they started being mass-produced. But the true “sapphire chip” moment was in the 1970s when the first silicon-based integrated circuits were developed. Semiconductors are electronic devices that use the flow of electrons through a controlled stream of small, usually metallic, particles known […]

Ten Amazing Facts About Earth

Earth is a tiny point in the Milky Way galaxy, orbiting in an eternal dance with our sun about 4.5 billion years ago. It’s a speck so small that it’s hard to see with the naked eye. Yet, at the same time, Earth is so massive that it’s hard to comprehend—it takes up nearly a quarter of our solar system. […]

The Importance of Being Carbon Negative, Not Just Neutral

Imagine a world where the basic requirement to sustain life is simply having air to breathe. A world where the air we breathe is clean and pollution-free. A world where the air we breathe comes from a sustainable source like solar power or wind power. A world where we are dependent on an alternative source of energy to ensure our […]